ZonaRayoActiva Sustainable City

A Sustainable Development Fair at “ZonaRayoActiva”

April 2018 ended with the ZonaRayoActiva fair. The last meeting in this space was dedicated to recycling and reusing to reduce waste.
It is no longer a surprise for the Chinatown community in Havana the fair of experiences for sustainable development that we do in the empty lot of Rayo street, that was turning otherwise into a wasteland. We do it every three months or so with the idea of helping the neighborhood to appropriate of the spaces, avoiding the empty place to turn into a landfill.

What is Zona Rayo Activa?

Zona Rayo Activa, named after “Rayo” street, where the event happens, is one of the most valuable exchange places for Tercer Paraíso, because it constitutes a meeting where we bring topics from
the Sustainable Development agenda to the local public, while promoting connections and alliances between projects, institutions and initiatives that are willing to participate in social transformation processes.

Private businesses are part of the pillar of the fairs for a sustainable transformation. The essence of these ventures is the value of responsibility (or corporate responsibility) understood not as a marketing strategy or an image investment strategy, but as a philosophy that is imprinted in business based on the sensitivity of its leaders.

The groups that join the fairs are those who want to partner from the private sector with national governmental institutions, cultural projects, and artistic initiatives, to create a network for development, for a desirable future.

Be it by allocating a percentage of their revenues, dedicating time, or
contributing through personnel and resources for a common benefit,
new ventures that promote environmental respect,
diversity and education are distinguished by a way of doing
and connecting from a socio-environmental responsibility approach.

It is relevant then to highlight these models as forms of business that seek balance, and that can inspire from their ways of doing.
Either with the famous ETHOS indicators of corporate social responsibility or with the logical assessment from any scope, these moments of consideration and connection are a valid platform to constantly rethink, and reshape our performance and incidence in the socioeconomics field.

What happens at ZonaRayoActiva?

Whether from a private initiative, an institution, a community project, or any form of organization that produces for society; responsibility is a living and dynamic thing, and it must be constantly updating itself in search of that balance that the concept of Third Paradise promotes. The edition “Rayo.Limpio” (clean lightning) of the fair in the ZonaRayoActiva stood out for its creativity and ludic approach to discourse about the role of each social actor in search of harmony and sustainability. The rules at the space are always clear: To Play Fair!

Paper airplanes made from the promotion brochures were flying through the place, dreams were drawn everywhere, and free serigraphs reminded us of living “without much drama”. Paper crafts, living statues, music, experimental designs, and old artifacts that refuse to end their lives, were harmonized in a fair (that I sometimes prefer to call “party”) to demonstrate that personal relationships and practical exchange (demopraxia), can keep networks alive and strong, and can make them bear fruits or flashes of lightning.

This note was first published in the Cantiere #11 of Tercer Paraiso Cuba www.tercerparaisocuba.org

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